Monday, November 10, 2008

Islam Resource Links


The History of Islam
Nazi's Train Bosnian Muslims. Mufti of Egypt Allies With Hitler
Kurdish Genocide

Muslims in Europe

The Muslim Brotherhood in America

Ahmadinejad President of Iran

Islamic Leaders Speak Out

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What the West Needs to Know

Anti-Jihad Archive (Some titles in this archive are duplicated here)

Obsession: Radical Islams War With The West

Undercover Mosque (Hidden camera shows what goes on inside a mosque)

Undercover Mosque: The Return

The Third Jihad

House of Saud PBS

Banned by PBS: Muslims Against Jihad

Prostitution Behind the Veil

Fatwah For A Swedish Cartoon

God's Muslim Warriors

Beirut to Bosnia: Banned from Discovery

Muslims Speak Out Against Islam

How I Became A Muslim Extremist

Egypt's Rubbish People

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The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam PDF

Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam HTML

Milestones by Syed Qutb